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What Is Copy Trading from ZuluTrade?

ZuluTrade is a leading online copy-trading platform that attracts some of the most proficient traders from all across the globe. Ideal for those who prefer to manage risk rather than taking positions trading individual instruments, it is revolutionizing the way in which people access markets and is democratizing trading, making it more accessible than before. Copy trading with ZuluTrade couldn’t be easier. Simply select top performing traders, automatically copy-trade their positions and customize them to your own risk preferences

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How It Works?
  1. Simply join as either an investor or trader and connect your existing trading account
  2. Traders are ranked according to their performance and risk management abilities
  3. Investors select which strategies to copy depending on their capital and risk tolerance


Trading CFDs involves significant risk of loss


Aside from its copy-trading functionality, ZuluTrade offers a number of sophisticated features that give you much more control over your investments


A sophisticated ranking algorithm that rates traders by analyzing a number of different factors, such as profit, ROI, maximum drawdown and more


An advanced account protection feature that monitors your performance and intervenes to remove negative or volatile strategies as and when they are detected


A powerful back-testing tool that allows you to test the performance of a strategy with your own account settings before investing any real money in it. This is done by calculating the potential profits or losses your account could face under a number of different market conditions

Customization settings

With ZuluTrade you gain more control over your portfolio. You are able to configure lot sizes, set specific currency pairs and maximum open trades, set custom stop-outs and limits, as well as edit or close any position when you see fit


You can think of the Automator as your personal online trading assistant. It will notify you when certain things take place or even execute trades on your behalf. The Automator employs an “if this then that” logic, allowing you to program it with sets of rules to be followed automatically without any further input from you

FAQ CopyTrading

  • How does copy trading work?
  • How do you copy a trade?
  • What is copy trading in forex?
  • What is the best forex trading platform?
How does copy trading work?

Have you ever wanted to copy the trades that a more experienced trader would make? That’s exactly what copy trading allows you to do. Instead of trading your own account and making all of the individual calls on your own, copy trading allows you to act more like a fund manager. You select which traders you would like to have trading on your behalf and can handle the business of managing how this is done. This is accomplished by viewing the trading performance of a wide variety of traders on a leadership board. Once you have settled on a trader whose trading style is in keeping with your own risk tolerance level, you can follow them and any positions that they take on their own account will be automatically copied proportionally by your own one. It’s a great way to enter the world of trading if you aren’t quite confident enough to go it alone. It’s also a great way to learn one vital aspect of trading while a more experienced trader handles the other. Trading involves the ability to take positions and manage them in real time in an ever-changing environment. It also involves being able to control risk, as well as creating and sticking to money management rules. Copy trading allows you to focus on the latter, honing this central skill without having to worry about the former. You select the traders and manage the risk, while the individual positions are taken care of by professional traders.

How do you copy a trade?

With ZuluTrade it couldn’t be easier. On ZuluTrade there are two types of activities, investing and trading. Traders are experienced professionals who take positions on markets according to their own strategies, and investors automatically copy the positions of the traders they choose to follow. To copy a trade you simply connect your EverFX account with ZuluTrade as an investor. Once this is done you can select the professionals that you would like to copy from the leaderboard, follow them and then whatever positions they take with their own accounts will automatically be mirrored proportionally by your own.

What is copy trading in forex?

Copy trading works the same way regardless of the underlying instrument. Whether it’s forex, stocks or precious metals the idea is the same. You find a trader whose performance and risk profile matches your own, you follow them and their trading activity will be mirrored proportionally on your account. Copy trading allows people who ordinarily wouldn’t be able to trade markets to have access to them by splitting the responsibilities. You can let the traders get to the business of analyzing markets and managing positions while you find the best talent to follow and benefit from their expertise.

What is the best forex trading platform?

This, of course, is an issue that is open to debate. Traders are notorious creatures of habit and will argue for the platform they have gotten used to until the bitter end. However, when it comes to the forex markets, and specifically to CFDs (contracts for difference), MetaTrader 4 from MetaQuotes has stood out as a leader in the space for many, many years now. So much so, that even it’s younger sibling, MetaTrader 5, has been unable to gather around itself the community of traders and developers that MetaTrader 4 still has. As such, MT4 is now almost universally recognized as being hands down the best platform for forex traders. As forex brokers have expanded their offerings to include other assets such as stocks, indices and cryptocurrencies, MT4 has kept pace and is now being used by millions of traders all around the world to trade a truly astonishing variety of instruments and asset classes.

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Trading CFDs involves significant risk of loss