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A new asset class, a new world of possibilities

The crypto revolution is here and EverFX fully embraces it! We are fully committed to moving with the times as markets evolve and new asset classes emerge. Trade 15 of the biggest cryptos on our professional cryptocurrency trading platform with competitive pricing and rapid execution. Whether you’re interested in Bitcoin the market leader, Ethereum the world computer, or any of the other exciting new entrants into the space, we have you covered

Why Crypto?

Crypto assets have the potential for large price moves

Cryptocurrencies provide valuable diversity to any portfolio

Crypto currency trading takes place 24/7


Trading CFDs involves significant risk of loss

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Full details on the trading conditions for EverFX’s crypto CFDs can be found in this table. Please consult it regularly if you trade these because typical spreads and swaps can change often.

Symbol Name Spread from (points)* Contract size Swap long** Swap short** Margin percentage***
BTC-EUR Bitcoin-euro 5364 1 BTC -1453.40 -1453.40 33%
ETH-USD Ethereum-dollar 1197 1 ETH -57.20 -57.20 33%
ETH-EUR Ethereum-euro 1242 1 ETH -49.40 -49.40 33%
LTC-USD Litecoin-dollar 315 1 LTC -14.30 -14.30 33%
LTC-EUR Litecoin-euro 545 1 LTC -13 -13 33%
BCH-USD Bitcoin Cash-dollar 873 1 BCH -115.70 -115.70 33%
DASH-USD Dash-dollar 655 2 DASH -50.70 -50.70 33%
NEO-USD Neo-dollar 259 20 NEO -5.20 -5.20 33%
XMR-USD Monero-dollar 377 6 XMR -29.90 -29.90 33%
ZEC-USD Zcash-dollar 773 4 ZEC -29.90 -29.90 33%
EDO-USD Eidoo-dollar 5.72 600 EDO -19.50 -19.50 33%
EOS-USD EOS-dollar 1076 200 EOS -137.80 -137.80 33%
ETP-USD Metaverse ETP-dollar 515 800 ETP -84.50 -84.50 33%
IOTA-USD IOTA-dollar 393 800 IOTA -15.60 -15.60 33%
OMG-USD OmiseGO-USD 1829 100 OMG -85.80 -85.80 33%
SAN-USD Santiment NT-dollar 1165 800 SAN -11.70 -11.70 33%
XRP-USD Ripple-dollar 136.30 1400 XRP -75.40 -75.40 33%
BTC-USD Bitcoin-dollar 5568 1 BTC -1699.10 -1699.10 33%

Trading CFDs involves significant risk of loss

*Spreads tend to be lower under normal market conditions but can widen around important news, unexpected events leading to volatility and during periods of lower liquidity

**Swaps are debited/credited at 0.00 (server time) with triple rate on Wednesdays

***Margins for CFDs on cryptocurrencies are calculated as follows: margin = lots x contract size x opening price x margin percentage

Trading hours

All cryptocurrencies are available for trading 24/7, every day of the year.

FAQ Trade Crypto

  • What are the best cryptocurrencies?
  • Which crypto is the best to invest in?
  • How do you trade cryptocurrency?
  • How do I start trading crypto?
What are the best cryptocurrencies?

This is the burning question on everybody’s lips, but with crypto still in its infancy, the best have yet to differentiate themselves from the rest. The biggest is a much easier question to answer. Bitcoin, as the first cryptocurrency in existence, is definitely the biggest in terms of value, market cap and brand awareness. Bitcoin currently accounts for 57% of the entire crypto market cap, which includes over 2000 different projects. Another thing to keep in mind when considering which crypto is best, is that cryptocurrencies have different use cases. The top ten list of cryptocurrencies by market cap features a few of these different use cases. For example, Bitcoin is the closest digital asset we have to digital gold. It is scarce, impossible to forge and has a limited supply. Ethereum, on the other hand, which is the second largest currency by market cap, is much more like a world computer on which anyone can build and use decentralized applications. The project’s native currency, ether, is used to perform computations on that world computer. As such ether is much more like crude oil or natural gas. It is a resource necessary to the functioning of the platform. These are currently the top two projects in the crypto space, both in terms of size, market cap, awareness and daily volumes.

Which crypto is the best to invest in?

Investing is a risky business and regardless of the asset it requires a great deal of research. Cryptocurrencies are no different to this, in fact, considering how new the space is, many would regard it as even more risky than traditional asset classes. However, the possibility of great rewards also comes with that risk. In 2017 cryptocurrencies outperformed every other asset on the planet. While there are individual outliers, the cryptocurrency market has tended to move as a whole, with a rising tide lifting all boats. For this reason it is considered less risky to invest in the bigger crypto projects since they have been around for much longer and have proven themselves through at least one bear market. These big names include Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and Litecoin.

How do you trade cryptocurrency?

It’s the same as trading any other asset class. You require an account with a brokerage that offers trades on crypto assets, a platform with a price feed and knowledge of the fundamentals of trading. At EverFX we offer all three. We currently list 15 of the largest and most reputable cryptocurrencies for trading on our MT4 platform, we also provide each and every EverFX client access to our extensive education center, where you can read ebooks, articles and watch video courses on every aspect of trading. We also offer a complete crypto course that will quickly bring you up to speed on the subject. To access this material, simply create an account for yourself by clicking the sign up button at the top right of the screen, then registering with your name and email address.

How do I start trading crypto?

You’re definitely in the right place if you would like to start trading crypto. At EverFX we offer trades on 15 of the largest cryptocurrencies. We also offer a free education centre to help you learn more about trading and how it works, as well as an exclusive crypto course written specifically with newcomers to the world of crypto in mind. If you would like to begin your trading journey and access this great material, simply register an account with us by pressing the sign up button in the top right of the screen. It’s completely free of charge and all you need to sign up is your name and email address.

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Trading CFDs involves significant risk of loss