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With EverFX you can enjoy trading all of your favorite currency pairs with the most competitive forex exchange rates. We offer rapid and reliable execution, low spreads, flexible leverage and negative balance protection. The global forex market is by far the largest and most liquid in the world, trading 24 hours per day, 5 days a week. It’s a fast-paced, exciting market with much to learn and many opportunities. Enjoy live forex rates with competitive prices and professional execution from EverFX.

Why Forex?

$5.1 trillion in daily volume

Prices fluctuate, creating opportunities

The market is open around the clock Monday to Friday


Trading CFDs involves significant risk of loss

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The table below details the typical spreads and current swap values for the forex pairs offered by EverFX

Symbol Name Spread from (points)* Swap long** Swap short** Value of one lot
EUR-USD Euro-US dollar 0.2 -11.016 4.830 100,000 EUR
EUR-ZAR Euro-South African rand 60 -402.600 184.338 100,000 EUR
GBP-AUD Pound sterling-Australian dollar 1.2 -11.880 4.536 100,000 GBP
GBP-CAD Pound sterling-Canadian dollar 0.9 -6.456 2.646 100,000 GBP
GBP-CHF Pound sterling-Swiss franc 1.1 2.772 -7.260 100,000 GBP
GBP-JPY Pound sterling-Japanese yen 0.8 1.610 -5.244 100,000 GBP
GBP-NZD Pound sterling-New Zealand dollar 1.7 -12.804 5.292 100,000 GBP
GBP-USD Pound sterling-US dollar 0.4 -8.316 3.402 100,000 GBP
GBP-ZAR Pound sterling-South African rand 70 -707.998 -2.286 100,000 GBP
HKD-JPY Hong Kong dollar-Japanese yen 0.2 -0.180 -1.062 100,000 HKD
NOK-JPY Norwegian krone (crown)-Japanese yen 0.5 0.189 -0.528 100,000 NOK
NOK-SEK Norwegian krone (crown)-Swedish krona (crown) 3.8 -4.695 -14.133 100,000 NOK
NZD-CAD New Zealand dollar-Canadian dollar 1.4 1.008 -3.888 100,000 NZD
NZD-CHF New Zealand dollar-Swiss franc 0.5 2.800 -8.640 100,000 NZD
NZD-JPY New Zealand dollar-Japanese yen 0.6 2.968 -8.496 100,000 NZD
NZD-USD New Zealand dollar-US dollar 0.4 0.189 -0.924 100,000
USD-CAD US dollar-Canadian dollar 0.4 1.260 -3.828 100,000 USD
USD-CHF US dollar-Swiss franc 0.6 4.494 -11.160 100,000 USD
USD-CNH US dollar-offshore yuan renminbi 7 -62.040 18.900 100,000 USD
USD-CZK US dollar-Czech koruna (crown) 7 -58.546 -93.092 100,000 USD
USD-DKK US dollar-Danish krone (crown) 2.8 29.106 -66.660 100,000 USD
USD-HKD US dollar-Hong Kong dollar 1.1 12.600 -59.400 100,000 USD
USD-HUF US dollar-Hungarian forint 7 -0.268 -11.590 100,000 USD
USD-JPY US dollar-Japanese yen 0.3 4.221 -10.164 100,000 USD
USD-MXN US dollar-Mexican peso 13 -442.332 185.850 100,000 USD
USD-NOK US dollar-Norwegian krone (crown) 15 18.711 -42.240 100,000 USD
USD-PLN US dollar-Polish zloty 3.8 -39.901 -33.700 100,000 USD
USD-SEK US dollar-Swedish krona (crown) 11 39.375 -85.140 100,000 USD
USD-SGD US dollar-Singapore dollar 0.8 0.882 -12.408 100,000 USD
USD-TRY US dollar-Turkish lira 3.5 -306.020 93.420 100,000 USD
USD-ZAR US dollar-South African rand 42 -223.740 101.115 100,000 USD
CAD-CHF Canadian dollar-Swiss franc 0.7 2.464 -6.456 100,000 CAD
AUD-CAD Australian dollar-Canadian dollar 1.1 0.833 -3.588 100,000 AUD
AUD-CHF Australian dollar-Swiss franc 0.7 3.514 -8.976 100,000 AUD
AUD-JPY Australian dollar-Japanese yen 0.7 2.982 -8.640 100,000 AUD
AUD-NZD Australian dollar-New Zealand dollar 1.3 -0.540 -0.540 100,000 AUD
AUD-USD Australian dollar-US dollar 0.3 -0.264 -0.660 100,000 AUD
CAD-JPY Canadian dollar-Japanese yen 0.6 2.030 -5.784 100,000 CAD
CHF-JPY Swiss franc-Japanese yen 0.7 -2.412 0.686 100,000 CHF
EUR-AUD Euro-Australian dollar 0.5 -16.500 6.993 100,000 EUR
EUR-CAD Euro-Canadian dollar 0.8 -11.484 4.914 100,000 EUR
EUR-CHF Euro-Swiss franc 0.7 0.308 -1.884 100,000 EUR
EUR-GBP Euro-pound sterling 0.4 -3.564 1.134 100,000 EUR
EUR-HUF Euro-Hungarian forint 10 -1.017 -0.506 100,000 EUR
EUR-JPY Euro-Japanese yen 0.4 -1.344 0.126 100,000 EUR
EUR-MXN Euro-Mexican peso 51 -1117.405 -2.030 100,000 EUR
EUR-NOK Euro-Norwegian krone (crown) 11 -41.052 17.577 100,000 EUR
EUR-NZD Euro-New Zealand dollar 1.9 -17.064 7.455 100,000 EUR
EUR-PLN Euro-Polish zloty 6.5 -74.988 -7.318 100,000 EUR
EUR-SEK Euro-Swedish krona (crown) 8 1.190 -5.796 100,000 EUR
EUR-TRY Euro-Turkish lira 13.5 -403.260 132.300 100,000 EUR

Trading CFDs involves significant risk of loss

Trading hours

All forex pairs are open for trading from 0.00 on Mondays to 23.59 on Fridays (server time).

*Spreads tend to be lower under normal market conditions but can widen around important news, political uncertainty, unexpected events leading to volatility and at the ends of trading sessions

**Swaps are debited/credited at 0.00 (server time) with triple rate on Wednesdays

FAQ Forex Rates

  • How do you quote a forex rate?
  • What does FX rate mean?
  • What are forex charts?
  • How much is a pip in forex?
  • What time does the forex market open?
  • Can you get rich by trading forex?
  • Can I start trading forex with $100?
  • What is forex trading and how does it work?
  • How do I start trading forex?
How do you quote a forex rate?

Assets are priced in units of currency. For instance, if you live in the UK and want to buy a house, it will be priced in British pounds. Assets like oil and gold are usually priced in US dollars. But how would you price the value of the currency itself? The value of all currencies is relative. This is because to determine how much a currency is worth it has to be compared against another currency. Forex exchange rates work precisely in this way. Essentially, a forex exchange rate quote tells you how much of one currency can be purchased with one unit of another currency. The price quoted for a forex pair like EURUSD is the price of US dollars in Euros. The first currency in the pair (EUR) is known as the base currency, the second currency in the pair (USD) is known as the quote currency. All currency quotes are informing you of how much of the quote currency you are able to purchase with a single unit of the base currency. In the case of the EUR/USD exchange rate, EUR is the base currency and USD is the quote (or counter) currency. If the exchange rate is 1.12, this means that 1EUR buys you 1.12USD.

What does FX rate mean?

FX rate is the price you see quoted for any FX pair. In the case of EURUSD, if the price being quoted is 1.12, then that is the FX rate for EURUSD. It basically means that you can buy 1.12USD with 1EUR, or that 1EUR is worth 1.12USD.

What are forex charts?

Forex charts are graphical representations of the past and present price action of any forex currency pair. Charts work in the same way regardless of what asset is being charted, whether it’s a currency pair, stock, precious metal or a cryptocurrency. The essential information that every price chart includes is the opening and closing price for the time frame being charted, as well as the high and low the price reached within that time frame. Candlestick charts are by far the most popular type of chart that traders use, this is because candlestick charts are particularly good at helping traders to observe open, close, high and low data at a glance in a very clear and appealing way. Traders use forex charts to view the fluctuating prices of the currencies that they are trading. This is because charts are a great help when it comes to visualizing the performance of a certain asset and deciding when to enter and exit the market.

How much is a pip in forex?

A pip, or percentage in point, is the smallest incremental change a currency can undergo in value. Traditionally this was calculated to the fourth decimal place, so a pip would be 0.0001 of any currency being charted (except the yen, which has traditionally been calculated to 2 decimal places). The computer revolution led to traders wanting a higher degree of accuracy in their pricing, so most currencies are now quoted to five decimal places (three decimal places in the case of the yen).

What time does the forex market open?

Forex trades around the clock throughout the work week. It is a 24 hour market that is traded all around the globe. The global forex market comprises three trading sessions that overlap throughout the day as different regions open for business. The first trading session is the Asian session, which starts at 8am local time in Sydney on Monday morning. This is followed by the European session in the middle of the trading day. It ends with the North American session at 5pm local time on Friday afternoon.

Can you get rich by trading forex?

People have made a great deal of money trading forex, however, this does not make it a get rich quick scheme. Trading is one of the most involved and demanding activities and in the forex market this is even more so, especially since forex is the largest and most liquid market in the world with over $5 trillion exchanging hands every single day.

Can I start trading forex with $100?

You can start trading forex with very little because FX is a leveraged product that doesn’t require you to invest the full amount for every position that you take. However, the leveraged nature of FX trading is not without its risks, which is why the smaller your account is and the more leverage you use, the more risk you are taking on. At EverFX the minimum deposit for an entry level trading account is $250. We believe this to offer a good balance between risk and accessibility.

What is forex trading and how does it work?

Forex trading involves speculating on rising and falling currency prices. Every currency pair tells you how much of one currency you can buy with another. These differences allow traders to speculate on the fluctuations between currencies, buying EURUSD, for instance, when they believe that the euro will outperform the dollar and selling EURUSD when they believe that the dollar is to outperform the euro.

How do I start trading forex?

To start trading forex you must register for a trading account. At EverFX we have streamlined this process to make it incredibly easy for you. Simply press the sign up icon in the top right of the screen and fill in your details to create your account. Once you have verified your email address you will be granted access to our education center where you can read ebooks and watch video courses on every aspect of trading. You can also download our MT4 platform and start practicing to trade on demo. When you are ready to trade with real money you can verify your account by submitting proof of ID and proof of residence documents and make your first deposit.

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Trading CFDs involves significant risk of loss