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EverFX offers tiered accounts with four different levels. These vary according to the size of our traders’ available capital. Your initial deposit determines which tier your account belongs to as well as the various benefits that come with it. Below you will find details of these four tiers. For more information on our account structure please refer to the FAQ section below or contact a member of our support team.

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Trading hours

All forex pairs are open for trading from 0.00 on Mondays to 23.59 on Fridays (server time).

*Spreads tend to be lower under normal market conditions but can widen around important news, political uncertainty, unexpected events leading to volatility and at the ends of trading sessions

**Swaps are debited/credited at 0.00 (server time) with triple rate on Wednesdays


Trading CFDs involves significant risk of loss

FAQ Accounts

  • What is the best trading website for beginners?
  • How do I open a trading account?
  • How much does it cost to open an online trading account
  • How does a trading account work?
What is the best trading website for beginners?

As far as online information goes, there are a number of useful online resources for trading. Investopedia is a particularly good one, with simple, no-nonsense articles on the majority of trading topics covered as well as information on most asset classes. At EverFX we have prioritized trading education since the founding of our company. Over the years we have created and curated a large resource of exclusive trading related educational material. We believe it’s our responsibility to ensure that whenever a client who is new to trading registers with us, that we have a variety of different methods of bringing them up to speed. We have achieved this by devoting resources to the creation of an extensive ebook and video library, as well as regularly hosting webinars and seminars. This material is freely available to all of our traders, whether they have deposited any funds or not. To access this content, simply press the sign up button at the top right of the screen and create a profile. Once you confirm your email address, you will be able to access all of this material. As far as what site is best for beginners to actually start trading, we would have to say that you need look no further than EverFX. We have made it our business to educate, inform and support beginners as they gradually learn the craft of market trading.

How do I open a trading account?

Opening a trading account couldn’t be easier. Simple press the sign up button at the top right of the screen, fill in the registration form, confirm your email address and you’re done! Once you have your own account you will be able to access all of our available features, including the education center and demo trading. We recommend that you familiarize yourself with our MT4 platform as well as how trading works by practicing on demo before you start trading live. To begin live trading you will have to submit certain documents in order to confirm your ID and address. This can easily be done from your profile page, once this is done you are ready to make your first deposit and to start live trading!

How much does it cost to open an online trading account

Opening an online trading account with EverFX is completely free of charge. All you have to do is register an email address and user name with us to create your account. All of our available features, with the exclusion of the VPN service and live trading, can all be accessed for free as soon as you have registered an account with us and confirmed your email address. In order to start trading live with your own capital, you will be required to make a minimum deposit of $250. This is not a fee, it is your initial trading capital and will be used by you to trade. In order to do this you must first have your live trading account approved by our back office department. This is done by submitting proof of ID and address documents. You can do this from within your profile page and once our back office department has approved these documents you will be informed when your account is ready to start trading live.

How does a trading account work?

A trading account is simply an account with an online brokerage where you can deposit money in order to be able to trade various financial instruments. When you use the brokerage’s trading platform, you will see the funds you have on deposit and will be able to take positions on various markets using those funds. Profits will also appear there and these can be withdrawn back to your personal bank account as and when you see fit. You can think of your online brokerage account as a separate account where your trading funds are held. In order to have a live trading account approved and to be able to deposit funds into it, you usually must first submit proof of ID and proof of residence documents. This is for your own protection as it guarantees that your identify hasn’t been stolen by someone who has registered a trading account with your own personal details. When you trade with EverFX, these funds are held in segregated accounts at reputable banks and should be regarded as being just as safe and secure as in your personal bank account. You can use them for your trading activities and withdraw back to your bank account whenever you like from within the profile page. Withdrawals usually take one working day. If you have any further questions about how trading accounts work, how to create one, what documents are regarded as valid in order to confirm your ID and address, as well as the deposit and withdrawal methods that we have on offer, please do not hesitate to contact one of our support team, who will be more than happy to assist you.

Stopout levels vary depending on which account you’re using. Stopout is 20% for standard, 30% for premium and 60% for VIP.

EverFX offers both demo trading and live trading facilities on all four of its account tiers. We recommend that beginners get comfortable with trading on demo before first, before venturing into trading live. This is the best way to get to grips with the platform and how trading works before risking any of your own capital. Even after you start trading live, your demo account will always be available for you to text new strategies and unfamiliar instruments in a completely risk free environment.

Deposits And Withdrawals

A variety of methods is available for both funding your account and withdrawing money. Deposits are normally processed instantly with most methods and withdrawals are processed by us within one working day. If you need assistance, simply contact our support team.

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