VPS Trading with EverFX

Set your EAs free with our MT4 VPS offering

Take your automated trading to the next level with a trading VPS from EverFX. Using a VPS is particularly important to algorithmic traders. Especially those who automate their trading strategies by using EAs (expert advisors) on MT4. Our low latency virtual private server ensures that your positions are protected 24/5 from downtime, whether you have your computer on or not.

EverFX VPS is available free of charge for VIP accounts. For all other account tiers the price is $20 per month.

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Constant backups

Best execution speed

Maximum stability

Secure hosting


2.2 GHz Intel Xeon CPU

25 GB of storage

Custom configurations available

1 GB guaranteed/up to 2 GB dynamic memory

Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 Datacenter

Dedicated IP

Available 24/7

Advantages Of A VPS

Many traders have discovered the potential of expert advisors (EAs): while these can be useful when employed from your own computer, they come into their own when combined with a VPS.

Automated trading with EAs is an excellent use of a VPS because your EAs can be online 24/5, whenever markets are open. They can trade all session, every session without interruptions and take advantage of even faster execution when combined with a VPS.

How To Access EverFX’s VPS Hosting

VIP accounts receive access to our VPS for free; just speak to your account manager or use the form below to start using one.

If you have a different type of account, you can use a VPS for $20 or equivalent a month. This can also be arranged easily if you apply through support or complete the form below.

FAQ VPS Trading

  • What is VPS hosting for forex?
  • Why would you need a forex VPS?
  • How do I get a forex VPS?
  • What is the best VPS for forex and MT4 trading?
What is VPS hosting for forex?

A VPS, or virtual private server, is a high speed, low latency server that algorithmic traders use in order to run trading bots or MT4 EAs remotely. The reason VPS systems are preferred for algorithmic trading is that they are located in data centers that typically enjoy faster connections and lower latency than your ordinary landline. This means that you can have your trading algorithms running around the clock with optimal connection speeds and zero downtime, without having to keep your own computer running. This is a huge benefit for algorithmic traders. Once you have managed to develop your own trading strategy and formalize it as a trading bot, the next step is to give it every possible chance at success. A VPS provides that extra advantage as it gives your EA a better connection to the markets and allows it to spend as much time trading as possible.

Why would you need a forex VPS?

You would only really need a VPS if you are trading algorithmically. Algorithmic trading is the use of trading bots that follow sets of trading rules automatically without any human input required. Any trading strategy that has its own strict rules can be formalized as code and turned into an algorithm. These algorithms can monitor the markets of your choice and take actions on them on your behalf when certain conditions are met. VPS services help algorithmic traders by giving them the facility to run their trading algorithms around the clock with optimal connectivity and zero downtime.

How do I get a forex VPS?

Registering for a VPS account with EverFX couldn’t be easier. If you do not already have one you will first need an EverFX account. You can quickly register for one by pressing the green sign up button at the top right of the page and entering your name and email address in the form. To register your interest for access to our VPS service, simply enter your details in the form on this page and submit it to our team. A member of our team will be in touch to assist you. Please be advised that VIP account holders receive access to our VPS entirely free of charge. For all other accounts the price is $20 or equivalent per month.

What is the best VPS for forex and MT4 trading?

Theoretically any VPS should be superior to your existing personal computer and Internet connection for running your MetaTrader 4 Expert Advisors. This is because data centers have higher bandwidth connections across the board than your home or office. Another consideration is where the data center is located in relation to the markets you trade. For instance, Forex traders are best served with a European data center as it’s the most active trading session and is between the Asian and North American markets. At EverFX we have partnered with a highly reputable data center for our VPS offering that offers constant backups, security, stability and high connection speeds.